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3x5 ft Carlist Zouave Battalion Flag


The Carlist Zouave Battalion was tasked with defending Papal Zouave veteran Don Alfonso de Bourbon during the Third Carlist War between 1873-1876. The battalion included many Papal Zouave veterans such as Igancio Wils. This flag is available only at Comes either in the original stlye with a faux fringe or without any fringe.


Unlike flags offered on other sites, our flags are double-sided. Meaning that instead of feeling light and cheap, our flags will feel strong and have the same quality image on the front and back.


Our flags are


  • Double-sided
  • 100D Polyster
  • Double-stitched.


*Shipping may take up to 30 days.


Carlist Zouave Battalion Flag 3x5ft

Excluding Sales Tax
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