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Who we are

We started as a Twitter page in early 2022 known as Papal Zouave History, the need for a full fledge organization dedicated to the memory of the Papal Zouaves became apparent after a short time. After a year and a half of work Papal Zouave History transitioned into Papal Zouave International on the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception on December 8th, 2023. Papal Zouave International is an organization dedicated to promoting and preserving the history of the Papal Zouaves and occasionally other counter-revolutionary soldiers such as the Vendeans, Carlists, and Cristeros.

Group of Papal Zouaves
Who Were the Papal Zouaves?

A unit of brave Catholic soldiers who came from across Christendom to defend the Papal States and Bl. Pope Pius IX against revolutionaries who wanted to unify Italy and destroy the Papal States between 1860-1870. Known as the Italian Unification movement or Risorgimento. For the Papal Zouaves it was the 9th Crusade.

Why is it Important to Learn about the Papal Zouaves?

In modern times much of our rich Cathoic history has faded into obscurity. This includes the counter-revolutionary soldiers that fought for the Church such as the Papal Zouaves. Their piety, chivalry, and martyrdom can inspire us in our modern day spiritual warfare.

How can I support Papal Zouave International?

Thank you for your interest in supporting Papal Zouave International! If you want to support us we prefer you purchase our merchandise or books. That way, you and other will be able to learn more about the Papal Zouaves and other Counter-Revolutionary soldiers while promoting their history.

However, if you wish to make a one time or re-occurring donation, you can do so by visiting the donation page.

Why is “International” in the organization name?

The Papal Zouaves were a multi-national fighting force with soldiers from across the world including the Netherlands, France, Canada, Spain, the United States, Latin America, and many others. We seek to promote their history not just for one group of people but for all of them. Primarily through the modern day lingua franca, which is English.

What does Papal Zouave International do?

At P.Z.I we post weekly content and threads on our social media. Additionally, we make it a goal to post monthly podcasts and videos. We also republish out of print books on the Papal Zouaves. To take a look at some of other endeavors, head over the to the Volunteer page.

papal zouave stained glass
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