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This book tells the story of Adéodat and Emmanuel Dufournel. A pair of pious French brothers who joined the Papal Zouaves to defend the cause of Bl. Pope Pius IX during the 9th Crusade (1860-1870). They believed in this cause and faith so much that they ultimately suffered martyrdom for it.


The violent fall of the Papal States and the unification of Italy is a much-overlooked period of history. The Italian Peninsula was divided into 10 different territories in 1859. However, influenced by Revolutionary ideology the Kingdom of Sardinia—Piedmont wanted to unite all of Italy under their control by almost any means necessary, including invading the Papal States. To defend the temporal power, Bl. Pope Pius IX called upon faithful Catholic men from across the world to join his army. Many joined the Papal Zouaves, the elite multi-national light infantry unit of the Papal Army. Throughout its lifespan, the unit comprised of over 5000 soldiers spanning 30 different countries.


Most of the Papal soldiers who gave their lives for the faith, such as the Dufornel brothers have been forgotten. This book seeks to help alleviate this problem by recounting the story of the Dufournels. Thereby preserving their militancy, piety, and martyrdom as a source of inspiration and example for all Catholics.


Adéodat and Emmanuel Dufournel Officers of the Papal Zouaves was first published in 1898 by the publisher Desclee de Brouwer in Lille-Paris, the author was anonymous. Utilizing the latest AI technology and the machine translation post-editing process (MTPE) the editor has, for the first time, provided a translation for the book from French into English. The editor has also included many additional footnotes not present in the original publication to give the reader greater context and understanding of the 9th Crusade and the Papal Army. Please enjoy Adéodat and Emmanuel Dufournel: Officers of the Papal Zouaves, and Martyrs for the Pope translated into English, and re-published for the first time in over 100 years!


Brendan Cassell is a First Lieutenant in the United States Army and a graduate of Texas A&M University with a B.A. in Political Science and a minor in Military Studies. He is currently a student at Christendom Graduate School of Theology studying for an M.A. in Moral Theology. Brendan founded Papal Zouave International in 2023 and currently lives in Killeen, Texas, with his wife, Amber, and daughter, Isabella.


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Size: 6 x 9

140 pages

ISBN: 979-8989323012 (pbk) | $19.95 USD

Adéodat and Emmanuel Dufournel: Officers of the Papal Zouaves

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